More than a Sandal; Less than a Shoe

When someone offers you free shoes, you say yes! Given an option of 39 colors from matte to sparkly to crocodile, this girl always chooses purple. All hail the glorious purple.

The fine folks at Tieks by Gavrieli thought I might enjoy their ballet flats-plus as an alternative to clunky athletic shoes while exploring this great nation. The shoes come with nice support on the soles, so walking is better than most fashion flats.

soles of Tieks ballet flats

They also fold nicely if you have to wear heels for an occasion and choose these for the way home.

They’re cute on, too. And look, I stood in first position–20+ years of dance training and I can still do that, at least.

wearing tieks ballet flats

They send clips to hold up your pant hem. I did not use them in this picture.

Aside from the fun of the shoes, they really make it a gift–for yourself. Great box with gratifyingly smooth lid opening. Plus a little self-encasing bag to carry shoes and whatnot.

Tieks ballet flats packaging

Horrible picture of me–lets focus on the fun to be had with the flower thingy. They said Folks do lots of creative things with it, but I’m the first to use it as a pirate patch. Thanks to friend Jef for the idea.

More Than an Alternate Shoe

So far I’ve referenced Tieks as the going-home-option. It is indeed an all-day option in itself. Cute, work-appropriate, and comfortable.

Did it pass the travel test? Not for me. That doesn’t mean it won’t for you. I have my father’s feet: wide, flat, ankles rolling in. These are not good things. So I have prescribed orthodics that are monstrous and unladylike. When I do wear girly shoes, my feet hurt more than the average bear. While the folks at Tieks said that people use orthodics with the ballet flats, I have a hunch that they use store-bought thin ones–mine didn’t even fit in the shoe. And so a day of walking was quite uncomfortable–for me. That’s the operative phrase here.

If you have “normal” feet, and are not walking/standing non-stop for six hours, then you’ll likely be good to go. And these are some cute shoes–more so for the ladies, but no judgement.

So get your shop on and find some cute shoes. 39 colors–surely there’s something for you. Visit the Tieks website.

Disclosure: Tieks contacted me of their own volition, asking to send a pair of ballet flats if I would, in turn, write about it on the blog.

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You make a faaaaabulous pirate. You can walk my plank any day. HTR


They are super cute! (But I checked the website, and can’t quite imagine paying so much for shoes! Lucky you getting them for free!)

And, just in case you didn’t notice, the people who make them just happen to be Israeli (Kfir, Alon).
Too bad you can’t really enjoy them.

It sounds like we have more in common than travel blogs. Our feet! Mine are everything yours are–except they also have narrow heels, so that if shoes fit the front of my flat, pronating feet, they are sliding up and down in the back—-definitely a blister maker when sightseeing. These do seem like they would be great for normal footed people, especially on airplane travel days.
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amazing how great a saleswoman you are [maybe a bit like your mother???]
you were not 100% keen on the shoes ..and yet u wrote in such a way that reading the blurb makes me want to buy a pair

Monica – mom will be thrilled at the comparison! And maybe it’s a southern thing? but they genuinely seem good. if you have human feet and not hobbit feet.


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Yikes! I checked the prices.


Diane – no comment. πŸ˜‰


Will definitely have to try. And in purple!!

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