My Hero Drives a Subaru

Part of trailer life is emptying the black tank – it holds all the yucky waste.

When all goes well, you merely hear it; thankfully you don’t see it, smell it, touch it, or encounter it in any way other than by pulling a lever and everything goes down a hose into a drain and elves handle the rest.

RV black tank plumbing

Well, today I broke the lever. Right in half.

In case its not blatantly obvious to you, this is not a lever that you want broken. Fully functioning, in one piece – these are qualities I like in a lever. Particularly ones that are essential to the draining of yucky waste.

Neighbor camper couldn’t help. He did better. He recommended a mobile RV repair service.

My Hero Drives a Subaru

Jason returned my fake-calm-trying-to-hide-the-panic call within 10 minutes. He said he’d arrive within an hour and in reality he was there in 20 minutes. Glory Be!

In the back of his shiny Subaru were a horde of repair equipment, tools, and duct tape.

Thirty-Minute Man

Within half-an-hour he fixed the lever, educated me about toilet issues (will I ever learn?), fixed small things, and told me to ignore others.

Plus he shifted the AC on the roof. Why? Well, in an effort to turn around a few days back I went through an office park’s front circular drive. And wouldn’t you know it, they had a cement overhang – to protect ladies from the elements as they step out of the carriage. I didn’t know if I would fit, and it turns out that I didn’t. Logic would dictate that going literally at a roll vs an actual mph would mean little damage. Logic denied. Holes the size of a finger on two sides of the plastic AC cover and knocked the whole thing back a few inches.

My hero climbed on top of the trailer, put the AC vent exactly where it belongs, and duct-taped the holes. It’s the most beautiful duct tape I’ve ever seen.

As Dad said when packing my tool kit: Duct tape and WD-40: don’t leave home without ’em.


Who’s your hero?

BTW, mine changes daily. I’m lucky to find folks who become my hero that often. (Or my standards are low)




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Hi Paula,
Your mom and I grew up together in Charleston and have reconnected in recent years – thanks to e-mail. So, I’ve been following you in your travels. I am so impressed – both with your courage to go out on this amazing adventure and with your writing talents. Am enjoying it so much! Have fun, enjoy – and most important – be safe!

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