Odd Sense of Accomplishment

No, I didn’t climb a mountain (but I have climbed on top of several).

Didn’t garner a rose on the TV show The Bachelor, but I have met some “interesting” members of the male species. (Just because you have a spiderweb tattoo on your elbow doesn’t mean you’re exempt from holding the door open for a woman, and you certainly shouldn’t let it slam in her face, you goober.)

I’m not a doctor, but I do play one on TV.

THIS is What Makes Me Proud

I have a sandal tan line on my feet! Mmmm hmmm. It’s proof of this current life; being outside; not wearing work-appropriate footwear.

Sandal Tan

Yes, those are both me, although the color is different. Damn iPhone!

When I first saw it, I thought, good grief Charlie Brown, what muck did I go through today. But when an awkward foot-in-the-sink-washing didn’t change anything I realized with glee that I had earned a sandal tan!

Mom and Aunt M, fret not–I put on sunscreen diligently. Who thinks to put it on their feet?


What’s your odd sense of accomplishment?


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X marks the spot of leisure and adventure! Do nudists still wear shoes or sandals?

el Jefe, I beleive they do. Some things still need protection, and evidently it’s your feet!

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