On the 7th (ish) Day, She Rested. Time Off while Traveling

Almost daily my friends back home ask if I feel like I’m on a constant vacation. It’s a fair question, and before leaving I expected that level of bliss. But I don’t feel like I’m on vacation; full-time travel is different.

Vacation is both frantic and relaxed at the same time. Frantic to get to the relaxation. Frantic to pack it all in if you’re sightseeing. Relaxed because of its innate state.

The “Work” of Travel

Full-time travel is relaxed in that I can shorten or extend a stay on a whim. Too hot or rainy to go to [xx fabulous place] today. No worries, I’ll go tomorrow. And no need to cram experiences in ALL DAY LONG. I can pace myself.

Plus there’s the inherent fact that I don’t go to work. Now my work is exploring and writing about it. And I love to do both! My work-a-holic tendencies are back and I’m writing from early morning to late night (with exploring sandwiched between). Driven by passion. But I need to follow my own advice to folks who are self-employed: set a curfew on the computer and go socialize.

There’s also work in planning the next leg. I like to plan at least a week at a time, if not two. Then I can get into the groove and not have to work while I’m somewhere. But there’s always planning for the leg after that…. Is it a big holiday–that will make campgrounds hard to book. It’s polite to give Tourism Bureaus advance notice when asking for press-passes. (For all intents and purposes, this blog makes me press.) If I weren’t  seeking press passes, I may be more laissez faire; but exposure for my writing is a goal of this trip, so I’ll take on that additional element of planning.

Time Off from Travel?

Indeed. Realities still exist like laundry, errands, housekeeping, going through postponed email. So every week I set aside a day just for this.

But I still need more. A day of decadence: sleeping in; watching TV (if there’s reception); reading with consciousness, not closing eyes. It may not fall on the actual weekend, but it’s MY weekend.

If it’s not a Vacation Bliss, is it Blissful?

It is.

I’m living two of my dreams: travel and writing.

And not at a desk all day (although ironically I’m at the computer roughly four hours a day, if not more.)

There’s a softer pace; a knowledge of exactly where I am; I think only about what’s happening in that moment. These are things I’ve never experienced.

So No Stress at All?

I wish it were so.

Internet connectivity can be squirrely, and that has a dedicated temper tantrum.

There are always things going on with the car or trailer. My wonderful Dad gets calls from me after I handled the situation but now need to vomit emotion.

Admittedly, I want this blog to go big. Figuring out how to make that happen takes a lot of work: considering my priorities, choosing Social Media outlets, seeking partnerships. There are disappointments, eye-openers, and gobs of work to do. Just because I want to do it doesn’t mean it’s not stressful. You want to live in a new house, but there’s stress in getting moved and settled. Same thing here.

On the 7th-ish Day I Rest

That seems like the right agenda for today. But let’s be honest, we all know I’ll be writing again in a few hours!


What’s your rhythm for keeping rest within your productive life?




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