Please, May I Have Some More?

So… we’ve been in a relationship now for roughly two months. I’ve been on the road and writing, you’ve been reading and loving every minute of it.

(Some of us have an even longer companionship, dating back to the blog’s inception in April 2011, but shh, let’s not tell the others, they’ll get jealous of our endurance.)

I think it’s time that we tell people about us, don’t you? How we laugh, learn, ask rhetorical questions. You go first. Go on…tell your friends about this blog. (Please)

  • How you look forward to it.
  • To the places that are now on your travel wish list that you discovered here.
  • How much they’ll enjoy learning and laughing about America, Americana, (me,) living in an RV, smatterings of Jewish flavor where you least expect it.

Would you, pretty please, contact your friends and tell them how FUN and easy it is to follow… just go to this page for options to get email, subscribe to RSS feeds, follow on Facebook or Twitter, pin pictures on Pinterest.

And don’t fret my darling(s), while my heart has capacity for new followers, you’ll always be my favorite(s).


Extra credit if you know the movie referenced in the headline.





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Could it be a Dicken’s movie? (Either normal or porn version would be applicable). I want to travel in your wake and definitely visit the “junk” garden in Philly and see “long bedazzled belly art” in New Joisey.

I look forward to your unique take on places I never knew existed (or previously didn’t care) … But now I want to see Ameriker.




Why the movie is “Oliver”, of course.
And you’re correct…I truly am “loving” your wit, perspective, and sense of learning and adventure. And yes, I’m looking at festivals and locales differently. I had a sense of familiarity when reading about a particular garden artist and then realized I’d read about him first through you. So thank you for opening my perspective.

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