Sno Cones: Not as Innocent as You Think

Sno ConesSweet innocent Paula (that’s me)–at a festival and I become enamored with the pretty colors of the sno cones. So I take pictures. And post them to Flickr. And get lots and lots of people who choose them as their favorite. And these people have, um, shall we say, lively screen names.

So intrepid investigator, I went straight for and learned that “sno cone” is a secret code for weed.


a public friendly way to refer to weed. the smoking and selling of weed and anything to do with it; in an attempt to tell stories in public and not sound like stoners.
ztan: hey lets go get some sno cones later.

will: yea i think i might join u for a tasty sno cone.
old woman think we are actually talking about geting a shaved ice and syrup treat.

The more you know.
What are your most popular pictures on Flickr?
Did they turn out to have symbolism you didn’t expect? (or do people simply respect your talent)

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Wow…when in college in New Orleans, getting snow cones was a treat…the ones with shaved ice and great flavors. Always wondered how they could make a living on that. Perhaps they dispensed both kinds…


I wouldn’t have known that; just call me square! Love your blog theme…I think we have similar attitudes about keeping the fun in travel!


Thanks! I’m excited to read yours- sounds fun. And I had no clue about sno cones and kids these days either!

[…] These kids today. You’ll also learn the spectacular value of At a festival I innocently took pictures of sno cones–I liked the vibrant colors. Then the pictures became a favorite of person after person, all with, um, creative screen names. So I looked up Sno Cone on Urban Dictionary and learned that it’s slang for getting stoned. Of course it is. Read more about my innocence lost. […]

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