Spanish Moss: Pretty yet Seemingly Useless

Tree with Spanish MossSpanish moss doesn’t hurt the tree. It gets nourishment from the air, sun, and rain.

It used to be put in mattresses and pillows. But when it touches the ground it gets red bugs, hence “don’t let the bed bugs bite.”

As for today, even Wikipedia can’t find a good use for it. “Sometimes used in decoration and gardening.” Not a strong market.

Spanish Moss

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I’ve been schooled. More uses than expected.

Commercial uses of processed Spanish Moss have included packing material, saddle blankets, bridles, braids, and even filament to repair fishermen’s nets. And more…


It may have been used for all those things, but where Spanish moss really shines is as a Halloween party decoration. When my mom lived in Kansas, she actually had her sister in Florida mail some to her for her Halloween party!


That’s hilarious!!

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