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FINALLY! BBQ that Hurts so Good

testingFINALLY! BBQ that Hurts so Good

Folks don’t often associate Jews with BBQ; but I’m from the South–I defy a lot of stereotypes. My family has fried chicken on Rosh Hashannah (a very holy day), and my Dad did competition BBQ for years. He has at least three grills–that we know about. Green Eggs…No Ham I grew up standing next to […]

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Between a Rock and a Hard Place at Blanchard Springs Caverns

After going to Mammoth Cave in Kentucky, I didn’t think another cavern could take my breath away. I was wrong. Blanchard Springs Caverns in Arkansas is a living place, yet slow-growing. Forty-years of water impact creates a lesion on the wall smaller than a handprint and with less depth. The spires and formations are astounding, […]

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Swans are very Bendy

Driving along in Arkansas and suddenly there’s a pair of swans. Of course there is. I’ve never seen swans that aren’t bought for a man-made lake or a movie wedding so this was very exciting! A good while was spent sitting in the grass watching them, smiling gleefully, and learning that they’re incredibly bendy animals. […]

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Buffalo National River: A Tamed Beast

The first federally protected stream, The Buffalo National River in Arkansas is also one of the few remaining rivers in the lower 48 states without dams. Typically a powerful force, the river I saw was nearly dehydrated with boulders exposed and trees growing in the bed. That doesn’t mean it wasn’t beautiful.

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A Clan of Elk

Nothing stops “traffic” like wildlife. It’s beautiful to see people of all ages pile out of their cars, turn down radios, and talk in hushed voices to pause and watch magnificent animals. This clan in the Arkansas Ozarks has 13 females, one calf and one bull. In general, elk are out at sunrise and sundown. […]

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