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Amulets, Marionettes, and a lot of Jesus

testingAmulets, Marionettes, and a lot of Jesus

Turns out folk art exists everywhere. In my limited thinking, it’s a Southern thing comprised of jugs with faces and painted tin. But lo and behold, it includes tapestries and hats, figurines (often related to Jesus), saddles, weapons, amulets, even toys. Santa Fe, NM hosts the Museum of International Folk Art. I was not prepared […]

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Georgia O’Keeffe’s Unintentional Sensuality

testingGeorgia O’Keeffe’s Unintentional Sensuality

Georgia O’Keeffe married a photographer, Alfred Steiglitz. He took over 300 intimate pictures of her, including some nudes, and they were included in a gallery show. A short while later, she had her own exhibit, with paintings like those below, and her reputation as being overly sexual began. She was horrified and stunned by this […]

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Take a Deep Breath and Look Around You

testingTake a Deep Breath and Look Around You

Marfa TX is known for art. Funky, avant-garde art. Installations, not sculptures. I knew this going there, and was excited to experience it. But upon arrival, my disposition changed dramatically. Ummm, a field of enormous cement rectangles? I just didn’t get it. Add to my muddled state that you can’t view the art at any […]

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Why Do People Make Large Things?

testingWhy Do People Make Large Things?

Well, there’s ego of course. And because they can. But often it’s either unintentional or romantic–not love-romance, but sentimental-romance. Take the largest stack of empty oil cans in Cassleton, North Dakota. A gas station just tossed them in a pile starting in the 1930’s and it grew. When the town also grew and it was […]

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When You Think of Kansas, Do You Think of Art? You Should.

testingWhen You Think of Kansas, Do You Think of Art? You Should.

Kansas, as it turns out, is ranked third in the country for “outsider” art. You won’t find outsider art in a museum, unless, well, it’s a museum dedicated to outsider art. These are folks who are self-taught, some would say quirky beyond the typical perception of an artist, and use household objects to create their […]

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