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What’s a Half-Baked Volcano?

testingWhat’s a Half-Baked Volcano?

As it turns out, volcanoes can rock the Earth and change the landscape, yet never spew lava. Such is the case with Big Bend National Park in Texas, and they half-jokingly call it a half-baked volcano. The Little Volcano that Couldn’t Think of Mont St. Helens–a lot of ash, a lot of activity, but not […]

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Adolescent Bears Make the Most Trouble. Kinda Like Humans…

testingAdolescent Bears Make the Most Trouble. Kinda Like Humans…

Teenagers today! Kicked out of the den at two years old and they think the world is theirs. Big deal, the 200,000 acres of Shenandoah National Park are at bear capacity with a bear every square mile. So, you have to fend for yourself and find your own territory (20-30 mile radius for male, 5-10 […]

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