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Things Don’t End Well When a City Girl Goes to the Rodeo

testingThings Don’t End Well When a City Girl Goes to the Rodeo

Waiting for the rodeo to start at Ft. Worth’s Cowtown Coliseum, I had all sorts of romantic musings. I watched the young contestants in their teens and twenties pace before the competition, participant numbers blowing on their backs, Skoal tobacco rings in their pockets, spurs clicking on the cement–almost like tap shoes. They all had […]

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Go on Safari! In Georgia?

At the Wild Animal Safari in Pine Mountain, GA they sell slobber towels with good reason. The animals know that there’s food in them thar cars and they come INSIDE to get it! Here’s the skinny: you wander around (by-foot) a zoo-like experience with reptiles and miscellaneous animals while you wait for your turn to […]

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