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Toilet Seats as Scrapbooks?

testingToilet Seats as Scrapbooks?

You don’t have to look hard to find life moments to commemorate: the color of autumn leaves, a collection of your children’s beloved toys, the leftover hair at the neighborhood Super Cuts. Now: how to display these mementos? Some are flat and some are dimensional. Why a toilet seat lid, of course! It’s the most […]

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Why Do People Make Large Things?

testingWhy Do People Make Large Things?

Well, there’s ego of course. And because they can. But often it’s either unintentional or romantic–not love-romance, but sentimental-romance. Take the largest stack of empty oil cans in Cassleton, North Dakota. A gas station just tossed them in a pile starting in the 1930’s and it grew. When the town also grew and it was […]

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You May THINK You Like Elephants…

testingYou May THINK You Like Elephants…

…but not nearly as much as Mr. Ed does (did?). Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. [insert brooding music] The setting for the Civil War’s bloodiest battle. [insert lively, ironic music] And a collection of over 12,000 elephant figurines. Think the two don’t really fit together in a single day? Think again! You’re traveling with Paula, where quirky and […]

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You Have HOW Many Salt & Pepper Shakers?

Just 20,000 or so sets. Is that unusual? The Salt & Pepper Shaker Museum in Gatlinburg, Tennessee is must-see. Why, exactly? Because everything else in Gatlinburg in woefully touristy, neon-y, and kitschy. Because you had no idea that salt and pepper shakers were made in so many styles. Because there are walls dedicated to themes: […]

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