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What Happens to Cornfields after the Summer?

testingWhat Happens to Cornfields after the Summer?

You’ve enjoyed your sweet summer corn, but the fields aren’t done with their harvest. Driving through central Illinois in early October, the lush green fields are now shriveled and brown. But still beautiful. What Happens to the Corn Fields? I had the chance to watch corn being combined–and it’s a well choreographed dance. With multi-ton […]

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An Imprint of the Creator’s Blessing: The Finger Lakes

testingAn Imprint of the Creator’s Blessing: The Finger Lakes

Upstate New York is rich with getaways. In some ways they’re similar: relaxed, natural, easy. And yet the nature makes them distinctive. The Finger Lakes region is stunning with gorges and waterfalls, wineries and farmland. The Charm of a Name Native American legend explains the region’s name through this story. The Creator had special appreciation for […]

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Settlers and Indians

testingSettlers and Indians

Little boys don’t play “Settlers and Indians” quite as often as they play “Cowboys and Indians.” Do you think it’s because the settlers died at a 60% rate within months of arrival? Kinda ruins the fun – for the game and the reality. And since we’re talking about reality, will there come a time when […]

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Kentucky was my first encounter with corn.

testingKentucky was my first encounter with corn.

Wait, let me clarify. With corn fields, specifically. And to call them a “field” really is an understatement. They’re more like corn…territories. Corn, corn, corn, grocery store, corn, corn, corn. And even with all the tales of woe wrought by Monsanto, these corn fields were magnificent. The details of the plants; the strength of the […]

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