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What Happens When a Non-Fan Goes to the Football Stadium?

testingWhat Happens When a Non-Fan Goes to the Football Stadium?

As a little girl I would ascend from the basement, where I played with my dollhouse, to find the men of the family watching the football game. I’d ask, “who’s winning?” and be told it’s “the [name related to local heritage].” With as much exasperation as a seven-year-old can muster I would clarify, “what color […]

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Settlers and Indians

testingSettlers and Indians

Little boys don’t play “Settlers and Indians” quite as often as they play “Cowboys and Indians.” Do you think it’s because the settlers died at a 60% rate within months of arrival? Kinda ruins the fun – for the game and the reality. And since we’re talking about reality, will there come a time when […]

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Cowboys are my Weakness

An excellent song by Trisha Yearwood – give it a listen. Don’t be hater just because you don’t like Country music. (ahem, Bobbi and Cori – I’m talking to YOU) And fare for sale at a Kentucky flea market. Dreamy sigh.

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