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Orphans. The Preferred Riders on the Pony Express

testingOrphans. The Preferred Riders on the Pony Express

If you’re a business man sending employees on a mission through the depths of the Wild West, alone, would you prefer to send someone with a family who will wail and moan (and sue?) should anything happen to him; or an unattached soul, say, an unmarried orphan? The Pony Express was a genius mail system […]

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Wild Horses: Isn’t it Romantic?

Cumberland Island Georgia, the topic of prior posts,  is home to wild horses. Yes, wild horses. You’re hanging out and so are they. It took my breath away. And I thanked them for their time. Roughly 150 feral horses call this home, and they have quite the homestead: rumored to have been here since the […]

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