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Who Thought Cheese Whiz was a Good Idea?

testingWho Thought Cheese Whiz was a Good Idea?

Don’t tell my Mother, but I ate a Philly Cheese Steak. Why shouldn’t you tell her (even though she reads my blog daily)? Because they’re incredibly unkosher. unkosher meat, which I haven’t had in 20+ years mixing milk and meat the reality of eating Cheese Whiz, and I’m embarrassed about that But see, people are […]

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A Kosher Girl’s Obsession with Seafood

Mom – fret not: I didn’t eat any seafood while in the Outer Banks or North Carolina. I merely became obsessed with it. Mostly because of the cute shrimp shacks. Seafood shacks are about as ubiquitous as Starbucks. But more colorful and smellier. And we can’t forget the fishing village in Wanchese. They actually still […]

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