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Sand Dunes in the Desert are Surprisingly Rare

testingSand Dunes in the Desert are Surprisingly Rare

Deserts have sand, sure, but sand dunes are surprisingly rare. Death Valley National Park has one, though. And it’s beautiful in its contrast. While sand is everywhere in the desert, dunes are not–they need both a strong wind and something to slow down the wind. In Death Valley, as the sand erodes down one mountain, […]

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Georgia O’Keeffe’s Unintentional Sensuality

testingGeorgia O’Keeffe’s Unintentional Sensuality

Georgia O’Keeffe married a photographer, Alfred Steiglitz. He took over 300 intimate pictures of her, including some nudes, and they were included in a gallery show. A short while later, she had her own exhibit, with paintings like those below, and her reputation as being overly sexual began. She was horrified and stunned by this […]

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Holy Trees, Batman! It’s West Virginia

West Virginia surprised me with its beauty. I know that’s a tad insulting and rather like asking if someone is attractive and getting the response that they have a great personality. The point is, I was somehow mislead to believe that West Virginia doesn’t have much going for it and that’s simply not the case. […]

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