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Live Free or Die–a New Perspective on New Hampshire’s Call to Arms

When first proclaimed, Live Free or Die was New Hampshire’s  call to “assertive independence” during the Revolutionary War. (Thank you Wikipedia for confirming what my education left foggy.) Today it seems to be about an independence found in exploration, pushing your own limits, and a culture that’s both physically active and emotionally laid back. This […]

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Is that Fog or Clouds? The Most Common Question at Mt. Washington NH

They aren’t kidding when they call this New Hampshire route the “Road to the Sky.” Eight miles high at 20 mph, you have time to watch the earth descend below you and the fog and clouds envelope your car. It’s exhilarating and terrifying. Why terrifying? Because it’s one hell of a curvy road. And sometimes […]

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An Amazing Flume. And We’re not Talking about a Ride at Six Flags

Some places are breath-taking. Others are breath-giving. The Flume at Franconia Notch in New Hampshire gives breath, wonder, and glee. Vocabulary Lesson Notch – a mountain pass Flume – in this case, a natural gorge. They’re also built to create a gravity shoot, using the water’s power to move items, like logs, down a mountain […]

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What Goes 25mph and Giggles all the Way?

There’s a mountain coaster in New Hampshire, you say? I don’t entirely understand what that means, but I’ll be there. I’ll be the one with adrenaline giggles. Attitash Mountain Resort offers winter-time activities like, well, skiing. They also have other ways to enjoy the rush of going down a slope for those who aren’t skiing-inclined […]

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Moose in New Hampshire: As Elusive and Touted as Eligible Bachelors

Moose signs: many Moose sightings: none Rumor has it they’re out at dusk. When is that, exactly? My weather.com app doesn’t give that info. Now these signs, they were a few miles apart. Makes me think perhaps there may not be moose for the next five miles….     

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