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Lessons from a Year on the Road

testingLessons from a Year on the Road

We all learn things in a year, true. Take yourself out of “reality,” put yourself in an RV, alone, move every few days, and see what you learn now. A lot. As my trip nears its end (I arrive on my parents’ doorstep in 19 days), my thoughts are turning reflective–even more so than usual. […]

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Sabbatical from my Sabbatical

Now I know what it feels like to be a celebrity. Well, kinda. I used to be annoyed by actors who “need” to take a year off after back-to-back films, or singers who “require” extended R&R after a tour. I mean come on–we all work hard but celebrities have assistants to cook and run errands. […]

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6 Roadtrip Tricks to Focus on Fun, not Logistics

Do you like a mess? Not so much, right? Do you like traveling with it? Certainly not! What about souvenirs and scrapbook fodder? Now THAT’s the stuff to keep but it gets crumpled or lost under the seats. Enter handy dandy (yes, I said “handy dandy”) products and planning ideas to keep your roadtrip focused […]

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