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Sand Dunes in the Desert are Surprisingly Rare

testingSand Dunes in the Desert are Surprisingly Rare

Deserts have sand, sure, but sand dunes are surprisingly rare. Death Valley National Park has one, though. And it’s beautiful in its contrast. While sand is everywhere in the desert, dunes are not–they need both a strong wind and something to slow down the wind. In Death Valley, as the sand erodes down one mountain, […]

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The Life of a Sand Dune. More Interesting than You’d Think.

This is the largest natural sand dune on the East Coast. And after climbing it, I believe it. All there is to see are sand and sky. And people flying kites or going hang- gliding. The wind is incredible due to the height and being between the sound and the ocean. The Wonder of Hang-Gliding […]

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Why Fences are Built on Sand Dunes

While in the Outer Banks of North Carolina I learned the answer to something that had always piqued my curiosity. Why are there fences on sand dunes? Clearly not for marking territory…we’ll leave to the dogs (did I take it too far?). Turns out fences build up the dune. They create alleys for the wind […]

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How the Outer Banks Can Lure Even an Anti-Beach Person

Peekaboo of Water The beach and beauty hide themselves as you drive along the road at the Outer Banks of North Carolina. A highway sided by craggy plants protects others who are more delicate. Only a mile wide at some points, the island has the incredible benefit of having both sunrise and sunset–on water–within arm’s […]

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