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Cancel Your Vacation!

testingCancel Your Vacation!

Forget about the Grand Canyon, Hawaii and even Disney. The next place to go is Carlsbad Caverns in southern New Mexico. It’s an immense space with minute details. The volume of “decorations” is overwhelming. They’re massive and delicate, tiny and forceful. They’re columns that are stories tall and formations that look like drippings on an […]

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Sinkholes Don’t Always Mean Catastrophe

testingSinkholes Don’t Always Mean Catastrophe

When you’re hunting for caverns–glorious underground labyrinths with features formed from rock and water–you hope to find a sinkhole. It means that the cavern extends–you’ve found a weakness in the roof; which is scary for your home, and kinda for a cave, but excellent news for finding otherworldly beauty. Sinkholes led college-age explorers to find […]

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Mammoth Cave

testingMammoth Cave

Mammoth Cave is aptly named. In fact, it’s the world’s largest cave. Did you catch that? The largest. In the world. It’s 367 miles of cave and they’re still exploring.  Though only 12 miles are open to the public you don’t feel, um, shafted. Sure, it’s Got Size. But What about Beauty? In spades, my […]

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