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617 Curves–Along Cliffs? I’ll Hire a Driver.

testing617 Curves–Along Cliffs? I’ll Hire a Driver.

The Road to Hana on Maui is touted as a glorious and fun drive. It is. Particularly if you let go of control issues and let someone else drive. There were times when the wheels were onĀ  cliff’s edge–not really something I need to do myself. It’s a drive to a destination; or in our […]

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When the Waterfall is the Least Dramatic Sight

testingWhen the Waterfall is the Least Dramatic Sight

It’s true, I don’t typically care for waterfalls. Blasphemous? They’re so dependent upon rain for their beauty (although I suppose we all are, so I shouldn’t be fickle); and across the majority of the U.S., if you’ve seen one, you’ve seen em all. Well, in Hawaii, I was eager to see what the Big Island […]

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Hawaii Sure Is Pretty; If Only There Were Something to Do….

testingHawaii Sure Is Pretty; If Only There Were Something to Do….

Who thinks of these things? Hold a seahorse bred for aquariums so people don’t take them from the ocean. Zipline over a waterfall taller than Niagara Falls while going 45 mph. Take a submarine to see shipwrecks. Train manta rays to come to a specific area at night, because phytoplankton are attracted to light, and […]

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Waterfalls: Proof that Nature Wins

testingWaterfalls: Proof that Nature Wins

Waterfalls are beautiful, there’s no denying it. Hiking over and through and around one, you realize its force–and that nature wins. Humans can build a staircase to help view the beauty, but ultimately the waterfall dictates that there is something to see; the route; and whether that staircase will stand the test of time. It’s […]

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Sliding Rock: Natural Fun, Freezing Cold…Can I Go Again?

Sliding Rock is even better than it sounds. A naturally-occurring 60-foot waterslide that lands in a seven-foot deep pool. Surrounded by the trees and mountains of Brevard, North Carolina. Um, is there a limit to how many times I can go on the slide? No? Perfect. What’s the Attire? People wore wading boots, tennis shoes, […]

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