The Beauty of Railroads and the City: NYC’s High Line

The High Line in NYC is the new trendy spot–and with reason. But instead of martinis you get fancy Popsicles. Instead of dressing up, you dress down and go for a walk or relax on beautiful wooden loungers. There’s still a jazz trio, though, so you’re set.

It’s a former elevated railroad track that’s been converted into a walking space and garden. And it’s worth all of the fanfare.

In the Beginning

It was built to raise dangerous freight trains from interrupting and injuring pedestrians on the street. Railroad cars carried meat, produce, and dairy products, giving this route the nickname, “The life line of NY.”

Creating an Elevated Space

When trucking replaced trains and the High Line’s usage declined, it naturally became run down. A group of committed folks rallied to keep it and turn it into a park with beautiful views of the city and on the High Line itself, as gardens fill in the old tracks.


What’s your favorite transformation of a railroad space?

Love old railroad spaces and trains? Check out pics from the Southeastern Railway Museum in Georgia.

The High Line in NYC showing RR tracks and people walking

Gardens on the NYC High Line

City View from the NYC High Line

Jazz Trio on the NYC High Line

People on the NYC High Line


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My favorite transformation of a railway space is the Silver Comet, the ambitious bike trail from Vinings, GA heading northwest to Rockmart and eventually the Alabama line. Great, mostly safe cycling, walking and running flat path through lush woods.

Beauty AND a cool name!


Hi Paula,

I too have enjoyed strolls on the High Line….at one point my kids lived in Chelsea. A great NYC area to visit. And one of these days perhaps I’ll make it to Coney Island.

While I can’t keep up with you every day, I certainly have enjoyed doing so when I can.

Stay well

There’s no need to read every day. Some people read on the days you don’t. So I’m here every day…for everyone!

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