The Life of a Sand Dune. More Interesting than You’d Think.

This is the largest natural sand dune on the East Coast. And after climbing it, I believe it. All there is to see are sand and sky. And people flying kites or going hang- gliding. The wind is incredible due to the height and being between the sound and the ocean.

The Wonder of Hang-Gliding
Kitty Hawk Kites is actually the largest hang-gliding school in the world. People line up for their turn to jump off. Some plummet, some coast, and others do what they hope for: glide. It’s majestic.

The Life of a Sand Dune
Because there’s no vegetation anchoring the sand at the top of the dune, the elevation varies with the wind and the seasons. Jockey’s Ridge in North Carolina varies in height between 80° and 100°.

The sand doesn’t blow away because in the winter the wind blows from the northeast and in the summer from the southwest, constantly blowing the sand back and forth.

The surface of the sand can be 30 degrees hotter than air temperature. Not a place to walk barefoot!

What design would you choose for your kite?

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Have had a handful of wonderful vacations there! Such a beautiful place!


It is a special place. more than beach.


Dad is a persuasive dude, I am glad he got me here. mazel Tov on your current success.

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