There’s Reality on the Road

It’s 8:21 am and I could use a glass of wine. Don’t fret, I don’t have a problem–at least not with alcohol.

  1. I have a tummy ache AND the hiccups. Insult to injury
  2. I slept something awful, rife with unpleasant dreams. Just because you can hear cicadas doesn’t mean your subconscious won’t dominate
  3. I lost/gave up the battle against the big, bad national chain who did me wrong with the RV repairs (hence, the dreams)
  4. I’ve had to do a lot of math lately, submitting insurance reimbursement claims, and adjusting my budget (managed with to accommodate expenses incurred from the RV debacle. I’d rather scrub the toilet than work on a budget.

Let’s be clear, I’m not bemoaning for bemoaning’s sake. I won’t go into a list of ailments like my bunions, bad knees, or scurvy (just tummy ache and hiccups, did I mention that?). Simply sharing my state of mind today. Yesterday was glorious and I can’t wait to share it with you. But there’s a lot of work with photos and letting the story percolate in my brain until it’s ready for your reading pleasure. So be patient, grasshopper(s).

Life on the road definitely has reality. It is subdued, though, by campsites near the pond, with flocks of birds migrating, and ducks, geese and SWANS all floating merrily right outside my door.

Detroit Greenfield Campground

Nice spot if you can get it

Swans at Detroit Greenfield Campground

While no Dr. Doolittle, I do talk to the animals. And they swim in the opposite direction.

Writing outside at Detroit Greenfield Campground

Guess who doesn’t work in a cube anymore!
Sunset at Detroit Greenfield Campground

Every. Single. Day.

So when things are in perspective, the ability to live with views like this, and to explore this country and learn amazing things, I’m incredibly lucky. What’s a fight with a corporation essential to my travels? Bupkiss! But I’m still never shopping at their store again. So there.

I’m off to look at swans now–likely better than wine, no matter the time of day.


What stirs you when you’ve had a cranky day?
And more importantly, what tummy ache remedy works for you?

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Pepto Bismol really works. Ah the desk by the lake. Wave the bad stuff away (thanks Shannon’s mother for that handy mantra).

Nancy – thanks for the reminder of “wave it away” – made me smile!

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