Walmart or Whole Foods? Which Wins?

This isn’t an official market basket, but I can say with certainty that at Whole Foods $50 fills one enormous reusable grocery bag, and at Walmart $50 fills two-and-a-half bags. In all fairness, I’m not buying the same things so it’s not a true economic assessment.

But the point of this is that I’m not buying the same things.

Walmart has surprising variety among condiments and sauces. Organic food: not so much. I’m not really an organic person, so that doesn’t bother me all that much, but the missing opportunity to buy somehow creates a demand.

So when I realized that my current visit with college friends coincided with the presence of a Whole Foods, shopping went on the itinerary. It really did:

  • Drive two hours
  • Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
  • Whole Foods
  • Dinner with Dan and Wendy


Walmart has none. Intentionally. Scary fluorescent lighting lets you know that you’re saving.

Whole Foods is like walking into a beloved Grandmother’s cottage. Overstated? You try shopping non-stop at Walmart for months and see how you feel when you return to the promised land of Whole Foods. There are flowers, and soft lighting, and music, and fresh food, and the carts are small–because you’re not buying a generator at the same time as your groceries; and because who can afford a full basket?


Walmart wins hands down. You can buy a battery-operated bug swatter that looks like a tennis racket (my new favorite thing), bullets, and frozen foods.

Whole Foods gives you the broad (?) experience of buying fancy cheese, more olives than anyone knew they needed, and yoga magazines. Chances are, after shopping here you still need to run another errand or two.


Totally subjective. Walmart is impressively stocked; but the produce is always lilting. Whole Foods, come on. Do I even need to say?


Beauty is the eye of the beholder. I’ll never bathe with a $4.00 towel from Walmart, but I’ll sure stuff it above my hanging clothes to see if it’ll keep them from falling when the trailer is in tow.

I couldn’t afford Whole Foods on a regular basis when I had a job, and certainly not now. But given all the savings from Walmart, I can treat myself to a splurge once every three months!


What do you love/hate about Walmart/WholeFoods?

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We are avid Walmart shoppers and one thing to note is that many of the Walmart locations across the country allow RV’ers to stay overnight in their designated parking areas! Checking in the with store manager is a good idea, and the safety of an overnight security guard on the property is sure better than the unknown of stopping off on some back road…because you haven’t reached your destination and/or there are no camping facilities in the area…Walmart can sure save the day too for emergency stops to buy anything and everything you could possibly want! Great marketing idea if you ask me.

On the flip side, I would never turn down a Whole Foods gift card, should anyone want to send me one!

Penny & Trez Moore
Fellow Campers
Lake Lanier, GA

Duly notes: whole foods gift card is the way to your heart!

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