What’s the Origin of the Phrase “Here Fishy, Fishy”?

Not a clue. Sorry to tease you, but I’m hoping you can help.

See, the phrase came to mind while thinking about this post and I wondered why exactly it did come to mind, and therefore how did I know it. Couldn’t find anything helpful on the web. Seriously. Not even Wikipedia! It is a popular phrase, though, because there are stores galore with the name.

Now, I said there wasn’t anything helpful on the web. There was one (feeble) idea on Yahoo! Answers.

  • Lyle G: Does anyone know the origin of this saying? And who said it? (asked 4 years ago)
  • 4u2nv: some little boy or girl at an aquarium, a pond or a river calling a fish to feed it or something (answered 4 years ago)
  • IRENE: Yes, when someone called a fish and it didn’t come. (answered 4 years ago)

All of this ambling is to introduce a post about fishing at the Outer Banks of North Carolina. Folks fish there. In the ocean. I’ve never seen that. So I took pictures. A lot of pictures.

The end.

Do YOU know the origin or the phrase “Here fishy, fishy”?
Want to take bets on whether my Dad will be the first (and only) one to reply with the answer?

Can’s see the slideshow? Click here.

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Anyone with a cheap aquarium would try and get the damn fish to come to where they could be seen would say… Here fishy, fishy.

I also remember my oldest brother trying to catch the big carp swimming in the bath tub prior to filet. Here fishy, fishy he said.



I am glad I did not take the bet- your Pop is quick and I liked his answer!


Do I know him, or what?!

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