When Independence becomes Dependent on Others

This post is going to be a bit of an enigma–holes, questions unanswered, and unknown factors.

Are you intrigued?

When your home is on wheels, and your travel is on wheels, things go amuck when the home finds itself in less than tip-top shape. Here’s my situation.

  • An accident that wasn’t my fault sent the camper into repairs for one week that turned into two
  • A second incident causing roof damage that went undetected despite my asking multiple professionals to take a look because I knew something was wrong
  • An additional 3-6 weeks for the roof repairs, which involves invasive surgery on the camper (this hasn’t even begun yet)
  • Days consumed with phone calls and documentation with insurance agents (who have been wonderful)
  • Hours upon hours of calls with mechanics, supervisors, and even Corporate

Sorry, no more details than that. Prudence says wait for everything to be finished and then I’ll share the story. But don’t look forward to some juicy exposé about personalities and repairs. Not my style. It’ll only be about my lessons and reactions.

Why am I sharing anything now, if discretion is the name of the game?

  • Because it’s part of the journey.
  • Because it delays me from answering your requests for details about cooking, setting up the camper, etc–no camper = no pictures. And you need to see to best understand.
  • Because now I can tell you about hotel life!

How am I with all of this?

  • I willingly paid $6 for a single basic domestic beer via room service; and am cultivating a pimple the likes of which I haven’t seen since puberty
  • Balancing that with an “it’s only money and time” attitude
  • Planning my route to still make use of the time during repairs, but staying close to the repair shop at the same time–that’s tough
  • Having actual separation anxiety from the camper. It’s my home and I’m displaced. Sigh.

All lessons. About people, gut instincts, the road. I’m sure I’ll be able to laugh about it someday. Just not today.

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Paula: we are so very sorry you are having problems! We know how horribly frustrating this must be for you but are glad you are ok, even tho your means of transport is not! We hope this is absolutely the worst thing that will happen to you on your incredible journey! We are thinking about you and hoping all will be fixed properly and soon so you can be on your way again!

Be safe!

Harriet and Bo

Thanks, Harriet! Your support means a lot and I can indeed feel it all the way here. I’ll keep trucking, and more adventures await!

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Oh no! At least you can definitely add this to your list of adventures. Stay strong!


Hey honey! It’s like that stupidly cute cat poster says, “hang in there!” 🙂
So sorry your adventure has taken a left turn, but you have a great attitude and spirit about it – enjoy beer a la room service! That sounds good and I hope things get better for you soon! Sending positive thoughts your way! Much love!

love the cat poster reference!

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