Will Stop for Barns

BarnWhat is it that draws me to barns? The more dilapidated the better.

And why are so many of them dilapidated? I respect the amount of work it takes to repair them, but they’re protecting your livelihood…?  I digress.

If there’s a barn and you can see blue sky both around it and through it, I’m pulling over. If animals are present, zippadeedoodah! These animals went to make contact with my outstretched hand – whether to lick, sniff, or chomp I don’t know because I thought better of my overture and withdrew my hand with bionic speed.

Donkey  Donkey and Goat

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VERY wise decision — though they are oh sooo cute.

This story reminds me of home and my sister. She loves barns too and towns in Maryland have so many old tobacco barns. Very cool.


Thanks for sharing that memory and connection!

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