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    Cadillac Ranch, Amarillo TX
    Cadillac Ranch, Amarillo TX
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    Boardwalk, Coney Island NY
    Boardwalk, Coney Island NY
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    Corn fields in Kentucky
    Cornfield, KY
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    Festival Balloons, Bell Buckle TN
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    Painted Desert, AZ

The goal:
Visit all 50 States

Map progress, share your travel tips, & find ideas for your own journeys.

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Celebrate agriculture, traditions, and the wacky with fried food and parades.

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the Beautiful

Discover and uncover Americana the Beautiful. Fun, funny, and a bit of history woven in so surreptitiously you won’t even notice!

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Reader Feedback and Intent to Travel

  • I sent this to a Harley Biker couple that I know, and now they want to go here as part of his 70th birthday celebration in October. So, thanks much.
  • I want to go there now too! (And I totally understand the request to talk in “girl.”) re: Crayola Experience
  • I’m loving your posts and wishing that I were with you in these escapades. I don’t know how you are finding these unusual but interesting places to visit.
  • Thank you for this post. This museum is now a must-see on my travel list. Partially because of the nearly endless peels of laughter generated by the farts exhibit! Laughter is good for the soul and I’m up for increasing my quotient! re: American Visionary Art Museum
  • It is amazing what I care about through your eyes! Normally I would not read about the Battle of [Gettysburg], but you made the experience so…human! 🙂
  • You make history fun and interesting … thanks for learning us. re: Harriet Tubman Organization
  • Interesting. Never knew I’d actually care about such an instrument. As always, you bring such color and meaning to things we all take for granted or never knew to care about. Keep ’em coming! re: Kazoos

Awards and Accolades

  • 2012 Grand Prize Winner for RV Stories Contest hosted by Rand McNally
  • 2012 and 2013 Bloggies Finalist, travel category
  • “Really impressed by Paula’s @AmericanaBtiful blog page - a MUST follow for sure! #RV #Cool” - @TweetThisRV
  • “…your post was one of the best I have ever read on us. You did a wonderful job!” - Marketing Assistant at The Crayola Experience
  • “…your posts [are] wonderfully written….” - Marketing agency for Polynesian Cultural Center

Guest Posts

Writing on other travel blogs


  • Travel & Leisure online
  • Budget Travel online: Boston
  • ABC news Atlanta affiliate online: Zombie Pub Crawl
  • Photo included in 2013 calendar for National Natural Landmarks Program

Media and Speaking Engagements


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