A Pause to Say Thank You for a New Web Design and Online Strategy

Americana the Beautiful has a new home and a new look. And it’s all because of a slew of talented and gracious people.

  • Logo and design elements – The creative genius of Kitchco
  • Blog layout – Roomy Theme via Templates Sold
  • Bells and whistles on the site (things you won’t see but make a huge difference) – The patient and savvy programming of Mutualism Design
  • Faster hosting service (you’re welcome) – WP Engine
  • Better email delivery (you’re welcome) – service by MailChimp; guidance by I Send Your Email
  • Social Media strategy – where to be and how to be found. One smart man. Stephen Beehler (email Stephen Beehler) stephen.beehler@gmail.com
  • Search Engine Rankings – tips and tricks to bring the site to the top of the list. Jonathan, a former intern who’s now pro and works at Search Discovery

There is absolutely no way I could have done any of this myself. The logo would be clip art and the site clunky. I’ll light a campfire in their honor.

Disclaimer: The link to WP Engine is indeed a sales link. Meaning, if you like their services (and why wouldn’t you), and you make a purchase via my site, I get a measly commission.

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