Backroad Gems: Roadside Stands and Crumbling Barns

Boiled PeanutsAmong the best things about driving the back roads of the South is the Boiled Peanuts. If you’ve never had them, you just don’t know. Salty and sweet; water trapped in the shell that needs slurping; mushy peanuts that are perfect, not disgusting as the word “mushy” might imply. Oh happy day.

Sometimes the boiled peanuts are at a roadside stand all alone. It’s all you need. Sometimes they accompany local produce. And then it’s a carnival of colors and sweet smells.

I happen to like the signs almost more than the produce itself. Simple, vibrant, truthful. And when produce rots it smells; when signs rot, they get better with age.

Roadside Food Stands

And let’s not forget the barns. The lovely, dilapidated, kudzu-covered, once-functional, easier-to-leave-them-standing barns. I truly will stop the card to admire them.

Dilapidated Barns


What catches your eye on a road trip?

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Hi Paula, the blog/website looks great. Congrats on your new adventure. I look forward to reading all about it — particularly your encounters with nature as that is my thing. While I don’t like boiled peanuts, I did see this a.m. on CNN(?) a feature about a woman who is taking dilapidated barns and making furniture with them. Cheers, Erin

Thanks, Erin! Barn furniture. ummmm.

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