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Did you Know that Norman Rockwell Intentionally Changed his Signature for each Piece of Art?

Norman Rockwell was profound in his depiction of daily life–idyllic or struggling or controversial. And given this range of topics, he thought it was appropriate to change his signature based on the mood of each painting. Inspiration from America “The commonplaces of America are to me the richest subjects of all.” He chose moments with […]

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Why a Stationery Museum is Sooo much more Interesting than You’d Expect

Crane Stationery has been making the paper for US currency since the Revolutionary War. Yup, write a thank you note, make some ACTUAL cash–all goes together in a perfect business model, doesn’t it? There’s Nothing to See Here The Museum of Papermaking is in the Massachusetts Berkshires, housed on the property where paper for money […]

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A Memorial to a Memorializer…?

The Lincoln Memorial is impressive, yes? Ever take the time to consider how the sculpture came to life? Neither had I. Enter Chesterwood, the Massachusetts home and studio of the man who created Lincoln for the memorial. To be clear, he was “merely” the sculptor, not the conceiver. Daniel Chester French practiced with nearly 100 […]

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Build a Ship like in the Olden Days

Mystic Seaport in Connecticut may not actually give you the chance to build yourself, but you can get an incredible view of skilled craftsmen who are doing just that. Whether building new boats or repairing and restoring historic vessels, there’s always something going. And the facilities are mind-blowing. When I visited, the Charles W. Morgan […]

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Lion, Rooster and Growly Bear, Oh My!

The Green Animals Topiary Garden in Rhode Island is the perfect combination of whimsey and talent. First of all, they simply grow plants, and to me, that’s a feat. Then they’re lush. And ultimately they’re shaped like a giraffe, spot the bird, or even a boar. Of course there’s a boar; that’s an obvious topiary […]

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