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Watermelon Eating Contest

Prior posts transported us to the Watermelon Carnival in Water Valley, Mississippi and to the nail-biting competition of the seed-spitting contest. Now we get to the nitty gritty (yes, I said “nitty gritty”) and explore the underbelly of the Watermelon Eating Contest. Now this was a site to behold. And to be-stand a few steps […]

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Seed-Sptting Contest: Where Couth Comes to Die

This episode picks up where we last left off…at the Watermelon Carnival in Mississippi. (read prior post here) The Seed-Spitting Contest: What to say that isn’t expressed by the name itself? I’ve got nothing. So just look at the pictures. (please) Have you ever participated in a seed-spitting content? An anything-spitting contest? Any contest at […]

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Seeing Red at the Watermelon Carnival

The Watermelon Carnival is Water Valley, Mississippi’s most prized annual celebration (that’s what the website says). Bless their hearts. The site also asserts that an estimated 20,000 people attend the various events. Perhaps over the carnival’s history since 1931, but absolutely not in a single weekend. If that’s how they count then we have further […]

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A Thrill from the Ground or the Air: Hot Air Balloons

Turns out Hot Air Balloons are a sight to behold even when they’re sitting on the ground. All the colors, the majesty of their height. Callaway Gardens in Georgia knows this and holds a balloon festival over Labor Day weekend.  Friends Robyn, Stacy and I went, took gobs of pictures, played Banagrams on the lake […]

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We’ve all got a lot of balls in the air…at the Juggler’s Festival

People from across the Southeast came this Georgia competition. Bless their hearts. The effort was more impressive than the talent, although the kids were quite endearing. Unicycles are apparently a requirement. A band of unicyclists came to support their comrades in arms, although weren’t a part of the show. Birds of a feather… A woman […]

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