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What’s the Origin of the Phrase “Here Fishy, Fishy”?

Not a clue. Sorry to tease you, but I’m hoping you can help. See, the phrase came to mind while thinking about this post and I wondered why exactly it did come to mind, and therefore how did I know it. Couldn’t find anything helpful on the web. Seriously. Not even Wikipedia! It is a […]

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6 Ways Flickr Enhances your Vacation

Enhance my vacation? I’m in! Via a photo sharing site? Yeah right.  Show me what you’ve got. Flickr Makes My Heart Flutter Run by Yahoo, Flickr is a web-based photo sharing site for amateurs and professionals. You can share pics with your friends or the world. Tag by keyword and anyone can find topical photos […]

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The Journey vs. the Destination: Bish Bash Falls

It’s fun to say, isn’t it? Bish Bash Falls. Go ahead, say it out loud–you know you want to. This Massachusetts state park is beautiful and the falls are indeed impressive, but the hike itself was actually more compelling for me. And in fact, the hike back to the car, not the anticipatory hike to […]

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Yellow Flies: They Bite, You Itch, and There’s Nothing You Can Do

Yellow fly season is May and June in damp environments. Henceforth I will check to make sure I won’t be where they are. They find me delicious. There’s no spray to prevent them from biting. There’s no ointment to alleviate the itch. During a two-day period I collected over 30 bites per leg, making my […]

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7 People I’m Glad to have Met through Travel

Yeah, yeah, we all know that travel broadens horizons and shows us worlds we never imagined. For me, it’s been a path to learn about myself from unexpected people. Zombies. They are the nicest people! A themed pub crawl drew folks before hand to get gussied-up in zombie costumes and makeup. I went for the […]

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