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Big Bend Country

testingBig Bend Country

It’s rare that a region is called by its Prehistoric name as part of daily life. In West Texas, everyone refers to the Permian Basin–news and weather cover it; mattress stores and car dealers serve it; maps and tourism materials reference it. Making the geology and history part of banal life shows the respect and […]

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Cacti Make the Best Margaritas!

testingCacti Make the Best Margaritas!

You know it was a good margarita when the next morning you wish you’d had another. Prickly Pear on the rocks, no salt. Thank you Texas, for this divine treat. Exploring the desert of West Texas, the bounty of cactus varieties and beauty has been stop-worthy. I’ve pulled over to the side of the road, […]

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What’s a Half-Baked Volcano?

testingWhat’s a Half-Baked Volcano?

As it turns out, volcanoes can rock the Earth and change the landscape, yet never spew lava. Such is the case with Big Bend National Park in Texas, and they half-jokingly call it a half-baked volcano. The Little Volcano that Couldn’t Think of Mont St. Helens–a lot of ash, a lot of activity, but not […]

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Indians Came Up with the Name “Buffalo Soldier”

testingIndians Came Up with the Name “Buffalo Soldier”

Interesting and ironic: the Native Americans named black men in the U.S. military “buffalo soldiers.” It was a commentary on their hair, which reminded the Indians of a buffalo’s coat. But the name took, not really in a good way, and all regiments of blacks in the military were called Buffalo Soldiers for far too […]

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Take a Deep Breath and Look Around You

testingTake a Deep Breath and Look Around You

Marfa TX is known for art. Funky, avant-garde art. Installations, not sculptures. I knew this going there, and was excited to experience it. But upon arrival, my disposition changed dramatically. Ummm, a field of enormous cement rectangles? I just didn’t get it. Add to my muddled state that you can’t view the art at any […]

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