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Well, They’re Not Aliens….

testingWell, They’re Not Aliens….

It was 40-degrees-cold; but I went anyway. I’d had two martinis hours earlier and they’d made me happily snoozy; but I went anyway. I was squatting in the lobby of a fancy hotel next to the fire, on a smushy sofa; but I went anyway. What could compel me to leave such a cocoon? Mystery […]

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The Wicked Witch of the (south) West

The Wicked Witch of the (south) West was looking for me. With winds 25+ MPH it was not a good day for hair or for hiking. The trailer was a rockin’ and sadly I played no intentional part in that reality (hi Mom and Dad). Watch an unintentionally silent video to see the wind’s power. […]

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Observatories Look at More than Stars

testingObservatories Look at More than Stars

Planets? Yes, but not what we’re talking about here. Galaxies? Of course. Nope, today we’re looking at the sun. Which is in fact a star, so maybe I should rethink the headline. McDonald Observatory in West Texas offers a twice-daily hour-long class on the sun. And it’s fascinating! The Stats The sun is a small […]

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Wish You Were Here

testingWish You Were Here

I’ve been in West Texas for nearly two weeks, with probably another to go. My campground is perfect evidence of why.   *** Where’s the most beautiful place you’ve stayed? It can be beautiful because of luxury and furnishings, too.

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Did You Know that Rock Hunting is a Thing?

testingDid You Know that Rock Hunting is a Thing?

The thought really never crossed my mind until I discovered a nearby ranch among my many travel resources. Yup, a cattle ranch that also invites the public to hunt for rocks. Just make sure you don’t pick up a petrified cow chip –sorry; cheap joke. Twenty miles South of Alpine Texas is the Woodward Ranch, […]

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