Cumberland Island: A Truly Magical Place

Cumberland IslandCumberland Island Georgia is the type of place you imagine but don’t know is real. Bendy, curvy trees create canopies. Green foliage and then white sand. The ocean on one side and the sound on the other.

Lovely and lush. Soft and textured. Full of sounds, but all gentle.

Have you found a place that’s magical for you?

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I LOVE Cumberland Island! You’re right, it’s amazing and magical. Did you see the alligators and hear the armadillos? Only bummer is the sand fleas.


I didn’t see gators there – but did at the Okefenokee. Unfortunately I couldn’t get a reservation to camp, only for a day visit, so no armadillos either.And I was bummed. I really wanted to see those nocturnal creatures!


Cumberland Island was the site of our family’s most memorable camping trip — a storm came in and we were evacuated, but couldn’t find one member who was off taking photos. Luckily we all made it out safe and sound!

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