Holy Trees, Batman! It’s West Virginia

West Virginia Wild and Wonderful logoWest Virginia surprised me with its beauty. I know that’s a tad insulting and rather like asking if someone is attractive and getting the response that they have a great personality. The point is, I was somehow mislead to believe that West Virginia doesn’t have much going for it and that’s simply not the case. I can’t quantify exactly how much it does have going on, but it’s got looks and a lot of interesting history.

For starters, Holy Trees, Batman! The shades of green were vibrant; the air fresh; and the shade and shadows almost decadent. My favorite arbor scene is the natural gap in growth among a forest. Why do the trees stop at that patch? Or are they still filling it in?

West Virginia landscape

While driving along a scenic byway I wondered, “how is this winding road specific to West Virginia?” There are gorgeous routes with similar views elsewhere. The answer: it’s the same but different. People live few and far between. Do they own the land? If not by deed they certainly must consider it theirs. I stop for an oncoming car–it’s a narrow road–they don’t and must surely think of me as a “flat-lander,” their name for non-mountainous folk.

It’s also a state of firsts: the only state formed during the Civil War; Mother’s Day was first observed at a church here in 1908; and the first free school for African Americans in the entire south opened in 1862.

My experience was indeed that West Virginia is Wild and Wonderful.

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And HOLY GREEN, Boy Wonder. So, so pretty.
~ Mandi

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