Seeing Red at the Watermelon Carnival

WatermelonsThe Watermelon Carnival is Water Valley, Mississippi’s most prized annual celebration (that’s what the website says). Bless their hearts. The site also asserts that an estimated 20,000 people attend the various events. Perhaps over the carnival’s history since 1931, but absolutely not in a single weekend. If that’s how they count then we have further evidence of how they achieve their standings in U.S. Education rankings.

Politicians were in full evangelizing force. And despite the carnival being held between white and black neighborhoods, this festival was not integrated. Perhaps the politicians should add that to their agenda?

I went full force for the festival experience. Pancake breakfast at the Lions Club. Overheated and relaxed at the EMT tent where they said my hat used to be a sombrero and also overheated so it shrunk. Went to the starlight street dance. Saw the fireworks. Was presumed by everyone as the event photographer. Basically, I blended.

Fun Facts: It takes 90 days to grow a watermelon from seed to harvest.

One farmer pulled 4,000 melons for the festival. Why? Because he had them and  he could.

Stay tuned for posts about the nail-biting seed-spitting contest AND the watermelon eating contest. you’ll never guess what happened! If you had 4,000 watermelons would sell them all at one place? Put all your eggs in a basket, so to speak.

Can’t see the slideshow? Click here.

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Love the grey haired grandpa mullet. Did you see Elvis, too?

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I LOVE the mullet. Wow! Business in the front and party in the back!

Good to know the gestation of a watermelon too. We’re accidentally growing them b/c we half heartedly through our old pumpkins from last Halloween out in the yard and now we have blooms. I’m hoping to have 4,000 for Halloween!


good to have goals!

[…] posts transported us to the Watermelon Carnival in Water Valley, MS and to the nail-biting competition of the seed-spitting contest. Now we get to […]

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