The Eagle has Landed…Somewhere Else

An eagle’s nest is so deep (how deep is it?) that if a human were standing in it, it would be waist-high. Or higher if you’re shorter. This example is based on a 6-foot tall person, so adjust accordingly to your height. Or we can cut to the chase and say that it’s 8-feet deep, 6-feet wide, and weighs hundreds of pounds. About the size of my trailer….

Eagle's Nest in the Poconos

Eagle's Nest in the Poconos

But that’s not the point. The point is, it’s one massive nest. And the kids kick the parents out! After birth and once they’re relatively self-sufficient, it’s a par-tay in the nest. Mom and Dad (who mate for life) are kicked out and live a mile or so away in a temporary dwelling. The kids basically destroy the nest with all their flailing and fun and it’s re-built the following year in the very same spot.

An eagle family chose the golf course where I was staying in the Poconos as their home. Perhaps they like the funny pants? Or simply that the Delaware River Highlands is one of the largest bald eagle wintering sites in North America. More eagles come here every year, partly because they return to the same areas where they “fledged.”

Sadly, no eagle sightings, but we got to see the nest without being pelted by golf balls, and that is an accomplishment.


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Oh – so my brothers and I should have thrown our parents out after that party and not the other way around. Damn I should have been an eagle or at least spread (my wings) like one

first of all, didn’t know you had multiple brothers! and the things we can learn from nature.


This was so interesting to me! These nests are much larger than I ever would have imagined.

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