The Tomato Festival – Pure and Simple

Just because I think tomatoes are squishy, flavorless, and gross doesn’t mean I won’t go to a festival in their honor. I mean, they ARE colorful, and the festival was a fundraiser for the local fire department, so count me in!

Tomato Festival Washington Boro Pennsylvania

The Tomato Festival in Washington Boro, Pennsylvania introduced me to games I didn’t know about. These were gambling folk. Put down your dime and spin the wheel to win a coconut pie or a fruit basket. The stakes were HUGE.

Tomato Festival Washington Boro Pennsylvania

My friend Mandi really wanted a certain glass from the leaning tower of…well, glass and she didn’t have the aim for it. So she went to the teen guy who was amassing all sorts of (tacky) glass and asked him to win it for her. He did. Who says chivalry is dead? Mandi promptly gave the glass to her husband once we got home. I don’t recall if she told him that a cute younger man won it, though…

Tomato Festival Washington Boro Pennsylvania

Some folks waited in a long line to get a tomato sandwich on white bread. They were very happy about this “meal.”

Tomato Festival Washington Boro Pennsylvania

Someone was dressed up as a tomato. Of course she was. Could she be any cuter? Could I be any happier?

Tomato Festival Washington Boro Pennsylvania


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Great photos! You do look quite joyous in this photo! No green tomatoes? Any beefsteak or heirloom?

No green tomatoes. And have no idea what beefsteak or heirloom look like! 🙂

Paula, did you taste any of those just-picked tomatoes? They might change your opinion about the flavorless part. Tomatoes ripened on the plant and eaten just after you pick them – these ain’t your dry, tasteless grocery store specimens. To me, ripe tomatoes are one of the best parts of summer. But taste is personal and tomatoes just may not be your thing. Fun post, thanks!

Good point, I didn’t taste any of those pretty tomatoes. I stayed with old perception. I’ll keep it in mind for future feeding opportunities!


Actually, the right tomatoes are delicious. Rumor has it they’re actually a fruit, though I prefer strawberries and cherries. You make all these places sound like so much fun. Thanks for educating us.

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