They Don’t Teach This in High School Driver’s Ed

The first peek of Virginia landscape was a delight. Tree-covered peaks, railroad tracks aside the river (so smart). Ahh. Let’s say it again, together. Ahh.

Then, to my (misguided) delight, there were curvy roads. I love(d) curvy roads! Coast, sweep, swoon. Repeat.

That was BTT. Before the Trailer.

Road Signs

Minimum Speed Limit

You see, those speed limit signs aren’t just a suggestion. They’re actually there for your safety (and sanity).

The guy who taught me to drive the trailer (remember that he’s a professional driver) told me to pay attention to all signs for trucks and speed limit, so ole’ Lead Foot Londe paid attention. And I was a spectacular student, going even slower than the speed limit. Which made me the Marshall of an unwitting, very slow parade of cars who were stuck behind me.

What? Pull over to the side to let them pass? Sure, sure. I could have done that. Had I thought of it. But I was holding my breath the whole time so didn’t have full brain capacity. All my faculties were channeled to my hands: white knuckles take a lot out of you.

Bucolic Country Bridges

Once the curves settled down, it wasn’t over.

The next sign smugly pronounced “Road Narrows.” Awesome.


What’s your favorite driving adventure? Fun or terrifying…

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This and recent blogs have me laughing out loud! Your words paint great visuals; I see and feel your fun and terrifying adventure. Safe driving, Lead Foot.


I take it from the fact that you posted that the narrow roads didn’t deter you from proceeding!


i could see ole’ Lead Foot Londe in action & have had a similar experience. focus focus. getting there is a big part of the experience. be safe.


Nice and steady, Sista.


Got the visual because we lived it – from the slowed-car-behind-you point of view. On the way to CHS, every time we saw an SUV/trailer configuration, we wondered if you were doing the same slow-down to drivers wherever you were (and it seems you were). And hoping they weren’t thinking the same things about you that we were thinking about the ones we were stuck behind…

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