The Most Creative Festival Contests I’ve Ever Encountered

Moon Pie Festival signs

The Best Festival Ever

The fine people of Bell Buckle, TN know how to throw a festival. The Moon Pie Festival was a blast!

A bare-chested band who can’t sing performed for folks who sat on bales of hay. Members of the general public who could sing rocked it at a karaoke stand.

It was barely integrated, but diverse in their fried food. And all the flavors of pies… who knew you could combine them in so many disgusting ways?

Eating Moon Pies at the Moon Pie Festival

Every Town Needs a Parade

…so the politicians can sit in convertibles and wave.

A Match Made in Heaven?

RC Cola and Moon Pies. I had no idea. I’d never had either…

RC Cola at the Moon Pie Festival

The Moon Pie Toss

The name really says it all. Take a pie, still in wrapper, stand in an impressively long line, and wait your turn to throw that pie as far as you can. The winner gets a ribbon the size a horse could wear. The end.

Moon Pie Toss

Walk with an Open RC Cola on your Head

Why it’s the most obvious thing to do. Open a can, balance it on your noggin, and start walking. First with one can, then the winners stack two. And then (drum roll), three! Only two people made it to the final round.

The concentration was intense. The cheering maniacal. And the spilled RC Cola hot and sticky.

Welcome South.

RC Cola on Your Head at the Moon Pie Festival

The Hula Hoop Challenge

Here’s the deal: eat a whole Moon Pie and drink an entire RC Cola – all while keeping a hula hoop in rotation. Those pies are mealy and the soda warm; it’s harder than it seems. The winner: the boy.

Hula Hoop Challenge at the Moon Pie Festival

Watermelon Seed Spitting Contest

You’d be surprised at how many people want to spit in public. And not just in public, but on display. And then there’s the confounding factor of which projection is yours vs his.

Honor among seeds.

Watermelon Seed Spitting Contest at the Moon Pie Festival

The Largest Moon Pie

You knew it was coming…

Largest Moon Pie at the Moon Pie Festival

Which festival have you loved the most?

Disclaimer: I went to this festival in 2010, but launched the blog in 2011, so saved the post to coincide with the 2012 festival, which was this past weekend.

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It’s for sure you’re now innoculated with the indelible essence of “Southern.” (We spit pumkin seeds in Connecticut.) I’m enjoying your riot of festivals.


Your Comments We love your posts and we realize how much fun your journey is! Kudos to you for having the kishkes to do this!

Be safe and hugs to you!

thanks on all accounts!


What was the strangest and most disgusting flavor they had ?

I’ve never been to a festival that sounds as strange as this one. But, just down the road, 20 miles or so, there is a day of bathtubs racing down the main street in Bath NY. And in the other direction, on Lake Seneca, there is an annual Cardboard Regatta… boats made totally of cardboard are raced in the lake and usually sink with their crews before the finish line.

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